Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Green Ronin and Fantasy AGE Plans in 2017

Well, as news on this year's plans trickle out we have some details on various publishers to consider. This year Green Ronin announced a number of planned releases, although not quite as exciting as last year's announcement....key among the releases is a Ashes of Valkana campaign book which would be more exciting if I was in to Titansgrave. Fantasy AGE will get its own crowd sourced "dmsguild" this year some time, which I imagine will be a way to fill out some of the much-needed absent content from the game as it currently stands. It's a shame that this appears to be the direction RPGs are going now to handle the desire for new content among gamers vs. the skeletal release rates of books these days, but I suppose when in Rome....get used to PDFs.

Blue Rose is also releasing this year, for those who are interested. I'm not really the target demographic, but I did find the original an interesting concept in the under-appreciated romantic fantasy genre.

There's also a hint of Dragon Age content to come, but mired in the license approval requirements.

So......a bit bare this year, unfortunately, and it sounds like instead of an "Advanced" rulebook for Fantasy AGE we will instead get a community content portal instead.


  1. It seems to me that the Developers at GR seem to have trouble producing content. But I get it, there is only so much budget to spread around.
    However, I look at Robert Schwalb and his ability to make weekly releases, even smalls stuff and I can't help but think that drives activity in a game.

    1. I am sure they have their reasons....but if GR were an employee, I feel like it would be that guy who does a fantastic job when he is working, but manages to show up late or call in sick with really weird excuses all the time.