Thursday, January 19, 2017

Revolution D100 Out and in Print

Basic Role Playing RPG fans know Alephtar Games very well for a wide range of excellent historical gaming books (such as Crusaders of the Amber Coast), and a major supporter of BRP before Chaosium pulled all licensing two years ago. Since then Alephtar has produced Revolution D100, which is their own variant percentile based system with a heavy dose of DNA coming from the Runequest OGL.

I'm still wading through it, but there are enough changes in Revolution D100 to qualify it as it's own thing, and while it's definitely very much in the same family as BRP, Runequest and Mythras, it also has its own character and focus on design --in fact, enough design changes that I wouldn't presume to run this book without a thorough BRP familiarity does not translate sufficiently to absorb it all. The core rules are designed to be multi-genre, and as such Revolution D100 is very much like the BRP Gold Book, ready for use with a variety of settings right out the gate.

You can find the book in print here, at RPGmeeting. I ordered a copy this week, so I'll let you know what the print quality is like when it arrives


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