Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The GURPS Repository plus: Post-Apocalypse vs. Pirates?

Despite my bouncing back and forth on the idea last week, GURPS is not only not "off the table" for my next planned campaign, it's looking like it will be the top dog in this coming race. My Saturday group will be returning to 13th Age....but I plan to indoctrinate the Wednesday gang in GURPS! Just gotta settle on a genre and setting now...

Anyway, while searching for GURPS resources and blogs online I discovered the GURPS Repository. This is a pretty cool resource....312 monster entries, 60 racial templates and more make for a very useful resource. My GURPS games are probably going to lean either post-apocalyptic or pirate historical (verdict is still pending) but this site still has a lot to offer a GURPS GM.


But wait.....why choose?!?!? Just....do....POST-APOCALYPTIC PIRATES!

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  1. Post-apocalyptic pirates are awesome!

    Thundarr the Barbarian did that in an episode.