Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monsters Most Foul

I'm working on some new monsters for 4th; my scheme is to try and produce a fun set of monster tomes (Tome of Foul Beasts is the working title) and I thought I'd offer up the latest creation for everyone to enjoy, use, and comment on (if you spot anything that looks like it needs fixing, please let me know!) Without further adieu, I present to you something ripped from the weird mind of John Dee himself: the choronzon!

For more weirdness on the origin of this beast, you can read about it here and see one site's effort to collect all things related here.

If you want more cool monsters, you need to check out Robert J. Schwalb's webpage. He's a guy who knows his 4E, and he's got a project called "Lost Monsters" that brings old monsters up to date for 4E. It's really very cool. Here's the update on my favorite, the Brain Collector. (Warning, there does seem to be a problem on this site with opening the PDFs (at least for me), but I am not sure what the issue is. I got them all to open at least once, but now they freeze up my browser when I try (firefox and IE8 both had trouble).

UPDATE: I did notice I left out the XP value of the choronzon, which is 1,400.

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