Thursday, August 4, 2011

Female Role Models of the Week: Batwomen

Been forgetting to do, we present Batwoman, a character that has been well-regarded amongst DC Comics fans of late:

There is also this random picture of Batgirl I found that I thought was a pretty cool idea of who the model is, or what it's tied to, and the google source wouldn't load:

And finally, the best Batgirl of all, the tough-as-nails cosplayer who asked the hard-hitting questions of DC execs recently about their reboot and why it didn't include more female characters, more female arists and authors, and just generally was ignoring a significant percentage of the readership:

The San Diego Batgirl


  1. Second image is of Dina Meyer when she appeared as Batgirl on the "Birds of Prey" TV show.

    Caption should read "San Diego Batgirl," not "Sand Diego Batgirl."

    1. Thanks for the info, I had no idea! Also, thanks for catching the typo....I am famous for them...