An Index of All World of Pergerron Articles

I started Pergerron as an exercise in world design. The first draft was aimed at Magic World, but languished on my thumb drive for a while before being revived as a setting for a Basic/Expert D&D setting exercise. It eventually morphed back into a Magic World setting and most recently D&D 5E, and is going very strong with campaign ventures on both of my regular game nights. Here are all the Pergerron links so far:

Introduction to the River Kingdoms of Anansis

The Gods of Pergerron

A Map of the River Kingdoms

The City of Samaskar, Jewel of the River Kingdoms - cradle of civlization in the Anansis River Kingdoms

Exploring the Verethrunes Mountains

The Beast Cult Lands and the Ruins of Shatan

The Heart of Sarpoxas, an Evil Artifact (B/X edition using artifact rules from Cyclopedia, but 5E version coming soon)

The Mad Monk of Astrahun (B/X D&D version) (5E version coming soon)

The Barbarian Lands of Galitath

Terragia, the Witch of Galitath (B/X D&D edition) (5e version coming soon)

The Burning Dust

The Great City of Phantomax

Primordial Spheres (B/X D&D edition) (5e version coming soon)

Gear Maidens (B/X D&D edition)

S'grotak Undraek, the Ravenous Assassin (B/X D&D edition)

Gear Maidens - Magic World Edition

Gear Maidens in D&D 5E - the definitive final edition

The Primordial Spheres - Magic World Edition

The Witch of Galitath - Magic World Edition

The Vumaskans and Ataskans of Ruined Gatana, and the Freeport of Kordalos

The Silver Coast - the southern shores from the river delta of Anansis, where three strong city states rule on the ruins of an evil lost empire of sorcerers (home to my version of the elemental evil cults, too)

The Vosjin wood - a legendary haunted woodland near Samoskar, where getting in--and out--is a deadly process.

The Ibixian Goatmen - denizens of the outworld statted for 5E

The Lich Aruman - one of several notorious liches in the Anansis River Kingdoms and a denizen of the Vosjin Wood; includes two legendary evil tomes in 5E and MW stats

The City of Ambashan - a major city state along the Silver Coast and a full campaign concept to boot

Cynderis Elator - a ranger explorer along the Silver Coast for 5E

Amaskar "Blacktooth" Caelyndin -a half orc monk who lives along the Silver Coast

Encounters in the Vosjin Wood - charts for twenty encounters in the demon-haunted woods

The Vosjin Wood's Detailed Encounters appear in five part:

Encounters 1-4
Encounters 5-8
Encounters 9-12
Encounters 13-16
Encounters 17
Encounters 18-20

The Quest for Aladonsis Gedar
A short intro scenario I worked up as a "filler" in case I was short players.

Chilopteran Man-Bats
These first appeared in my first Pergerron campaign, haunting the catacombs beneath Samaskar.

Atakan Jackal Men
The jackal-headed elder race of beastmen in Pergerron

The blue and green skinned half-giants of Asparta

Atakans and Vumaskans in Swords & Wizardry Complete

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