Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Roll20 - Four Sessions In

Just an update, but we're four sessions in to Roll20 and it continues to get easier and easier to use. Saturday night's game was a piece of cake....I figured out how to get the fog of war working as intended, stumbled only on trying to use one of their prepackaged token assets (I placed it on the map and it then wouldn't let me use it like a marker for a PC), and am pretty sure the issues I experienced that were so confusing before had to do with layering. If I can sit down a bit and mess with it just a bit more I'll probably figure that out, too.

Some comments so far:

Images online make good tokens for figures: practically no reason to buy token packs, just find appropriate images off the internet and use them instead. Turns out almost any Pathfinder monster has had its image placed online, so this becomes a trivial process. Also, given that it appears there is no VTT resource for importing such images (as from pawns or figure flats officially from Paizo, for example) then there really is no better resource available.

You can snapshot and import PDF maps: Whether you have the official PDFs of Paizo maps or any other resource, a snapshot moved to Paint and saved as a JPEG scales just fine for Roll20. Roll20 seems to think it has a way of exporting from a PDF but it doesn't seem to work when I try it, not sure why.

Dice Rolling Still Cumbersome: for me it is, anyway. Especially in a game like Pathfinder where it's possible to have damage rolls look like "3D6+2D10+14, X2 for crit" which can get a little wackadoodles. Any solutions are welcome, but for now I'm just practicing with "getting good" at pixel-bitching the advanced die roller.

Beyond that, the real downside to Roll20 right now is that with time it could become so convenient and smooth to use that it might be cumbersome and awkward for us all to return to the regular gaming table...if we ever do.....

Anyway! For the Wednesday game (which could remain at someone's house but we're also doing Roll20 anyway)I'm suggesting we try Starfinder or Cypher System with Roll20 next. Stay tuned!

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