Thursday, January 24, 2019

Numenera Humble Bundle $15 for 28 PDFs or $1 for core

I can't hide my love of Cypher System, and while I haven't directly run a Numenera game yet, I have mined deeply into its many sourcebooks to do my own weird SF/fantasy mashup through Cypher System. I definitely plan to run Numenera "as is" soon enough....but for now, if you'd like a cheap gateway into checking the system and setting out you can get the core books for the newest edition for $1 or get 28 PDFs (the whole kit and kaboodle) for only $15 over at Humble Bundle. This is well worth the price of entry! Yes, I am biased....but this is one of the best new game systems and settings to come out in the last decade, and frankly beats out a lot of competition for the last four decades.

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