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13th Age: Taltus, Lord of Kindess (The Holidays in Lingusia)

Taltus, Lord of Kindness (Cloud Giant Magician and Seraphim)

   Taltus is a kind of seraphim, a cloud giant magician who has a unique ability to shrink to human or even tiny size. He has been known along the coastlands of Octzel for generations now, as he seeks out the Celebration of the Winter Yule, in which men and women of the kingdom of Octzel celebrate a week of the arrival of winter with celebrations of gifts and merry-making. Grand figurines of of the goddess and god Enki and Amasyr are erected during this time, under which offerings are presented in honor of the chief god and goddess. On the seventh night of the celebration, a grand effigy of the goddess Mitra is raised and burned, while three men known as the Sons of Mitra dress as lumbering ogres and taunt the crowd, throwing coal out and chasing children with switches. That night, the celebration winds down, but not before the enigmatic Taltus arrives, leaving small bags of toys for children on the doorsteps of families' houses.

Rumors that Taltus is actually an illusory construct created by three forest gnomes are entirely unfounded. Further rumors that Taltus is a fallen seraphim who is quite mad are also largely unsubstantiated.

"I'm keeping my list and I'm checking it twice....if you be naughty or you be nice, I will show you Taltus's Hammer of Light!"
7th level giant triple-strength boss
Initiative +14
Vulnerability: necrotic

Melee: Giant Hammer +12 vs AC; 84 damage (miss half damage)
Natural even hit or miss: Taltus can invoke the gift bringer action if he likes you (you are nice) or the slay bells action if he doesn't (you are naughty), to one target in sight range.

Ranged: Thrown Lighting Bolt +13 vs. PD against any target in sight range; 75 lighting damage (miss half damage)
16+ Attack that Hits: Taltus may throw another lighting bolt.

Gift Bringer (trigger: Giant Hammer, above) Taltus grants one nice ally a bonus as follows (Roll D12):
1-3 Gain double damage on the next attack you make
4-6 Recover one expended spell slot immediately
7-9 All hit points are restored immediately
10-11 Ally will gain true sight for 24 hours
12 ally becomes immune to one damage type for 24 hours

Slay Bells  (trigger: Giant Hammer, above)  Taltus grants one naughty enemy a penalty as follows, with a difficult save to avoid the effect (Roll D12):
1-3 foe must roll twice on the next action and take the lower roll (save 16+)
4-6 foe loses one ability as if it were expended to no effect immediately (save 16+)
7-9 foe is immediately reduced to 1 hit point (save 16+)
10-11 foe is blinded for 24 hours (save 16+)
12 enemy gains vulnerability to lightning for 24 hours

Ogre Killer Taltus gains +5 to any attack roll to hit against ogres.

Storm Bringer As an action Taltus can summon a thick cloud which obscures all vision (-2 to attacks) to all adjacent and nearby opponents. Does not affect his allies.

Cloud Walker Taltus can walk on any clouds he summons (or is present), to any height. Functions like the storm giant "skystep" ability otherwise.

AC 23, PD 20, MD 18, HP 340

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