Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Savage Worlds: Nemezis, Savage Rifts and Other Coolness

I've been pressed for time lately, and my blog count is suffering! As I've been neglecting the blog new and interesting stuff has been creeping up out of the woodwork, this time for Savage Worlds...

First off, Savage Worlds' adaption of Rifts is now in the wild and no longer in pre-order. The many tomes and PDFs are available right here. The deluxe bundle was a bit rich for me, but I did snag all the print books, dice and special bennies (the bennies Pinnacle makes are amazing, ceramic poker-chip quality with great art).

From reading the PDFs it is clear that this is the version of Rifts I have been waiting 26 odd years for. I think I'll have to spring this on my players soon. About the only thing I miss at the moment is the impressive nineties-style black and white comic-style line art of the original Palladium-System powered books. Still, I suspect those tomes will still make great resource material for Savage Rifts, with these books serving as the "conversion document."

Next up is Nemezis, the sci-fi setting from GRAmel for Savage Worlds, a setting which I like to characterize as somewhere between Warhammer 40K, Cthulhu: End Times and Mutant Chronicles (except powered by the gloriously elegant Savage Worlds system, of course.) I'm thinking about using it as the basis for my Destiny-inspired ongoing campaign madness in Savage Space, actually. Assuming they don't find a rift and end up on apocalyptic earth, that is...

Nemezis is not "new" exactly, as it was printed a few years back in a hard-to-read black-and-white format, but recently GRAmel added it to the POD lineup on rpgnow.com for a print color edition....this is a good thing, as it's a nice looking book and the original black-and-white print was really hard on the eyes.

Nemezis also has a decent expansion book out: Nemezis Galaxies, which is a compilation of three prior PDF releases. I found a print copy, which was much easier to read (this time), being designed for a black-and-white print. If you can find  a copy, get it....Nemezis is a worthy setting for your SW collection.


  1. All very worthy purchases. BTW, are you aware there's a Savage Worlds version of Mutant Chronicles ? I say this because I enjoy being a pusher.

    1. I'm always in the market for more SW! Yeah I stumbled across the MC Savage Worlds on Modiphius's site...my only disappointment is there's apparently no plan for a print edition. I'll likely snag that one as well soon....

  2. This is some really good and informative blog. I need to buy few of them and need to buy them early. Thanks for sharing it