Friday, October 28, 2016

Titanfall 2 (and other holiday season games)

I'm a couple hours in to Titanfall 2's single player campaign and have to say I am very, very pleased with it. The campaign really demonstrates just how adding a story (and a good one at that) to the mix can enhance the overall game experience. I'm even more pleased to learn that apparently Respawn is going to release all content to the base game owners season pass gated content! Amazing.

Anyway, I'll do a proper review soon, but I have to say, of the various releases out so far this season, Titanfall 2 is standing out above the rest by a notch or two.....and this in a season of really good new releases, no less. Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4 and  Mafia III are all amazing game experiences so far. I'm still out on the fence about Battlefield 1, admittedly....the single player campaign is better than the last three Battlefield experiences by a bit, but the bar was set very, very low before.

I haven' tackled multiplayer in any of these yet, but if Titanfall 2 is as good as its predecessor that may be the top dog for MP gaming over the next year. I've also been so busy with work and family that I haven't managed to log more than 2-3 hours in each game so far, so take these suggestions as "initial impressions" only. But if these games remain consistent, it will be a good year ahead for gaming as I find time to catch up on everything.

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