Monday, October 17, 2016

Crazy Weekend

My wife unexpectedly collapsed last Friday and has been in the hospital ever since. She's doing better today, but as of right now the doctors still can't agree on what her ailment is....they can all agree however something is very wrong. They ruled out appendix on Saturday but apparently it's now back on the table. Compared to some of the other proposed issues they had looked at and eliminated, appendix at this point is the least scary issue.

Anyway, blog will return to normal as soon as my family does!

(FYI nothing more entertaining than having a long talk with the billing department at the hospital while your spouse is still there, waiting for three doctors to agree on what to do. After that I panicked and cancelled some sundry upcoming charges, though have since looked more closely and realized we're probably not horribly off, as it turns out we're hitting all our out of pocket maximums for the year. Which, you may notice, is a clear sign of a tough year when it comes to medical costs and visits....)


  1. Oh! My best whishes for you and your wife.

  2. Take care of your wife and family, brother. We can wait.

    1. It's been a tough year for my wife. This is visit #3 to the hospital in about five months, all unrelated....first was due to a severe allergic reaction to meds, second was due to a car accident, and now this.

  3. I hope it's nothing serious! Tell her to get well soon!

  4. Thinking of you and your wife. Take care!