Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Checking out RPGnews.com While Complaining About the Lack of Good RPG Sites

If you're an old RPGer and you have scoured the internet over the years then you know that beacons of information in this hobby are few and far between. You pretty much are stuck with one of the following:

--flash in the pan websites which seem to start off strong then evaporate when something changes for the host. You know them....even if you can't remember them, because most of these sites are already gone to the internet grave of fading memories.

--blogs (like this one) that are dependent on the fickle whim and disposition of the author. The blogs are actually the best place for actual game content (stuff you can use, DM and player advice, mad ramblings, and of course lot's of "Get Off my Lawn"isms.

--ICV2 which is an interesting industry site for geek fandom at large, but it's gaming section tells you far more about the fact that RPGs are barely an itch on the back of the geek profit industry than anything else.

--Forum sites like www.therpgsite.com and www.rpg.net which are contentious pits of madness from which no cogent discourse escapes (YMMV), and are an embarrassment without exception to the entire hobby. I wrote a lot more about my opinion of this wasteland and then edited it out, reminding myself I prefer to keep my blog about actual gaming, not the mess that is today's rpg forums.*

....and then there's www.Enworld.org which does sometimes fall in the last category, but has also been going strong for close to 20 years now as a viable daily news source. It's only failure is it usually only has a bit of news, a lot of ad bits, and the site design is kind of bleh.

But no more! They have piloted a new site over there at www.rpgnews.com and it's really kind of cool. It's an aggregate source of information, seems to be doing a really good job of it, and in fact has proven to be my favorite daily stop for what's up in the rpg sphere of gaming. Therefore....I feel compelled to get the word out, so that this nicely designed, informative site gets proper attention for those wondering where to find some daily rpg news and information.

*Yes, I do write on these forums occasionally and that does sort of mean I'm being hypocritical, but I really can't find any actual, decent places to chat about RPGs that doesn't seem to be mired in identity politics, character assassinations and witch hunts. If you know a place, please tell me of it.

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