Friday, December 2, 2016

POD Report: The Secret of Bone Hill, Uncaged: The Faces of Sigil and Castle Amber

Continuing my review of the reprint-on-demand editions of classic D&D books at the, I'm going to summarize the POD review of all three in one cluster because all three are equally great: the POD versions of Castle AmberThe Secret of Bone Hill and Uncaged: The Faces of Sigil are all fantastic. In fact the extra sturdy paper quality makes the two modules a better purchase overall than the originals. The maps that once graced the detachable covers are now situated within the book itself, but the quality is excellent. Unlike the last batch of books, all three of these tomes are clear and legible with no "faded" feel to them, which makes me wonder if maybe they came from a different print source through Lightning, or if someone changed the toner drums before this print run started.

Uncaged: Faces of Sigil is full color and the version I have is the premium color heavy stock paper. This was an extra cost but well worth it; I think I'd have a hard time telling the difference between this POD edition and the's crisp colors are as good as the original, and even the block text with a darker background is legible (albeit as annoying as the original).

All three of these are books I owned and used (heavily), so I'm pretty familiar with the originals. These new replacements are well worth it. Absolute A+ on the quality of all three of these reprint editions.

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