Monday, December 5, 2016

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and The Mummy Trailers

First up is the amazing GotG vol. 2 trailer, which looks like it aims to deliver a great sequel in the unique form we now associate with the Guardians of the Galaxy. For this one my son and I laughed and both agreed Baby Groot is amusingly awesome:

Next up is The Mummy trailer, for the Tom Cruise-helmed franchise reboot, which I think is best summed up by the conversation my son and I had:

"Hey, come check out this trailer for The Mummy. It has a mummy in it." (Me clicking on youtube trailer for the first time)

My son: "Who survives the airplane? Where's the mummy?"

Me: "I am impressed at how often the US military needs to intervene in archaeological affairs."

...watching through the end. My son, "I didn't see a mummy."

Me: "I think I saw Tom Cruise decide he wants to be the mummy, and the dude from Mission Impossible all at once. And apparently there's some new hot model he wants to date. So I guess she's the mummy? That or we're seeing a trend which proves Tom Cruise has a lot of antipathy toward women in his films." (stating the obvious).

Son: "So there's no mummy."

Me: "There may, in fact, be too many mummies directing this film."

This doesn't bode well for the next movie.

In defense of the mummy as a woman: I like Sofia Boutella a lot and suspect if anyone can make it work she can. That's weird to have a Mummy trailer with no evidence of a "mummy" anywhere in the conventional sense.

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