Thursday, July 7, 2016

Silly Lulu: Print on Demand Disaster Tales of Fun -- The Hero's Journey RPG's first supplement is...a family recipe book?

This is the most amusing printing error I've ever seen. In Lulu's recent big sale I picked up (again, despite my proclamation not to) many more books, including Barrel Rider Games' The Hero's Journey, which for those of you not familiar with it is a Swords & Wizardry hack that adds some unique flavor into your 0E-inspired gaming. The tome is 196 pages....or it should be.....

....but mine not only contains the entire game itself, but another 100 pages of someone's personal family recipes!!!!

I'm inquiring with Lulu about whether they are now doing surprise "two books in one" deals or if they wouldn't mind just giving me the book--and only the book--I actually wanted. But I feel a teensy bit bad for this as I'm imagining somewhere Bryan is wondering where his family recipes are...or worse, yet, wondering what "Hero's Journey" is!

Anyway, if you haven't heard of Hero's Journey yet go over to and get a free copy right here. It's pretty neat...and the print edition is full color and very nice looking! You may even get a free bonus cook book for your...ah...hero's journey.


  1. Hilarious! Any good adventure ideas in those recipes?

    1. Possibly, but I got too hungry while browsing. I guess you could say it was an cooking!