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Savage Worlds: Vishkanya Poison Maidens

Vishkanya – Poison Maidens in Savage Worlds

Vishkanya are tall and thin humanoids who can pass for human at a glance, but their skin is made up of fine scales, their tongues are forked and they have pupil-less eyes. Vishkanya can secret a toxin through their blood and saliva which can sicken those who come in to contact with it, and have a reputation for being deadly to the touch (though this is a myth propagated by their cultural affinity for poisons). Although it is conventional that vishkanya are women, some worlds may have male vishkanya as well. 

Original Gaming Source: Pathfinder Bestiary 4 (SRD version here)

Vishkanya Racial Options

Toxic Venom (+1): Vishkanya emit a toxin through their blood and saliva that affects most other creatures on contact with the poisoned condition. The vishkanya can apply this effect to their weapons as an action during combat by licking their blade or dipping it in vishkanya blood. The poison requires a Vigor check to avoid suffering a -2 penalty to all checks for 2D6 rounds. Vishkanya can do this as many times per day as their own Vigor score.

Stealthy(+1): the vishkanya start with a D6 in Stealth due to their inherent serpentine origins.

Poison Resistant (+1): Vishkanya get a +2 bonus to any vigor roll to resist a poison effect.

Outsider (-1): -2 Charisma; Vishkanya are regarded as outsiders and not to be trusted. They are popularly believed to kill on contact with their skin, which despite being false means they are usually forced to live in the slums and shanties of larger communities. While they can work to disguise their serpentine features to pass for human, many regions will mark such trickery as punishable by death, enslavement or imprisonment.

Infravision (+1): Vishkanya have naturally better sight in darkness due to their serpentine origins.

Blooodthirsty (-2): Vishkanya have earned their reputation as assassins. As a race they are prone to cunning, serpentine bloodthirstiness and it is against their predatory nature to take prisoners.

Poison Masters: vishkanya may choose the Arcane Background (Poison Master). See details below.

Poison Master Arcane Background
Arcane Skill: Poisons (Smarts)
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 3
Trappings: poisons; this arcane background requires that all powers be delivered by means of touch, inhalation, ingestion or through a wound. Some effects such as area attacks may manifest as a cloud of poison, for example.
Spell List: (from both Core and Fantasy Companion)
Blind, Boost/Lower Trait, Concentrate, Confusion, Damage Field, Drain Power Points, Draining Touch, Fear, Puppet, Slow, Slumber, Smite, Stun, Zombie   

Sample Vishkanya: 

Vishkanya Assassin
Attributes: Agility D8, Smarts D6, Spirit D4, Strength D6, Vigor D8
Skills: Climbing D8, Fighting D8, Investigation D6, Notice D6, Stealth D10, Tracking D6
Pace 6, Parry 6, Toughness 6 (7)
Racial Traits: Poison Resistance: +2 vs. poison effects; Toxic Venom: (8 times/day apply poison to weapon attacks; vigor roll or suffer -2 to checks for 2D6 rounds); Poison Master (PP 10; Spells: Fear, Slow, Draining Touch); Infravision
Hindrances: Bloodthirsty, Outsider (-2 Charisma)
Edges: Assassin (gain +2 when striking unaware target)
Armor: Leather (+1 toughness)
Weapons: Throwing Knives (ST+D4) and short sword (ST+D6); weapons will have toxic venom applied (see above) and possibly other poisons.

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