Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Runequest Classic now in print bundle on Chaosium!

If you're like me, you've been trying not to get involved in too many Kickstarters, and prefer to wait for an actual release copy to show up. Well, Chaosium has at last got Runequest Classic, the 2nd edition of the beloved game, up for sale now right here. At $29.95, which includes a GM Screen and mess of extra pages this is a steal, trust me!

I'm going to run this --SOON-- with Pergerron as the setting. Maybe I'll post some conversion details on the sundry and various Pergerron monsters posted to date....most of them are already in BRP or Legend format anyway!

This idea is an excercise of sorts: to see how adaptable RQ2 is to my own stuff (I did it back in the 80's, so I ought to be able to do so now, right?) and also to give me a chance to contrast and compare the RQ2 mechanics against Mythras.

Right now I can say that I am a bit shocked at how Gloranthafied the 2nd edition rules really were...I totally do not remember them this way (possible my greater time spent with RQ3 has clouded my memories of 2E). Still, easy enough to adapt to a relatively fluid, nonstandard setting like Pergerron. I'll probably need to borrow the BRP Creatures book (which is the reprint for BRP of the RQ3 monsters tome) to flesh out the missing monsters from RQ2 (I also totally did not remember that orcs, as an example, were missing from RQ2). I'll also have to drag Cthulhu: Dark Ages along, but I was already borrowing from that when I was using Magic World in Pergerron so nothing new there.


  1. I JUST picked up RQ2 on RPGNow yesterday...

    1. LOL! I have been stoically holding out for their final release. Getting CoC 7E through the FLGS though....wasn't sure they'd even make the RQ reprint available through retail.