Monday, November 19, 2012

Just a Slave to Whatever Pretty Young FPS Waggles It's Ironsights My Way

Which is another way of saying I snagged Black Ops II and am loving it. And of course Halo 4 is kicking ass. This all points to an important fact: I am clearly engrossed with this sort of game, I clearly love the crazy-ass tough guy hombre marine (or space marine) narratives and the glorious, glorious graphics. I am not afraid of consolitis or console cooties like many PC gamers (thus allowing me to enjoy Halo 4) nor am I going to eschew a damned good Treyarch game (because Treyarch makes some damned good games) just because it has Call of Duty somewhere in the title (and yeah it is a CoD but I don't know what to tell ya....Treyarch always makes better games than Infinity Ward. IMO) and BlopsII is very, very good.

So back to playing some Black Ops II or Halo 4. I am officially done buying games for the Holiday...until the Steam New Year's sale, anyway!

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