Monday, July 18, 2011

Runequest Reborn Again....!

So The Design Mechanism has been formed and granted license to produce a new edition of Runequest (6th edition) which will bear a close resemblance to the former RQII (now being rebranded as Legend). This is at least partially because the people behind the Design Mechanism may be the key authors behind RQII. Fascinating and strange twist of fate!

I have no idea what to make of this. If you read their FAQ the new 6th edition Runequest is clearly aimed at me: gamers who like the RQ/BRP mechanics and want a robust fantasy system that's fully customizable to go with it. It is not being aimed at Gloranthaphiles, which I have a feeling will be catered to by Moon Design's own releases, since Moon Design does Glorantha (3rd age) really well, anyway.

My only question is: does this mean I'll have Legend on my shelf in November, Runequest 6 on my shelf sometime early next year....and will I be lucky enough to have a child prodigy who can figure out how to play Runequest, or will I have to wait seven or eight years before I can introduce him to RPGs? Egads, that seems like a looooong time...

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