Monday, July 11, 2011

Halo RPG: Just add Statistics!

I've been thinking about ways to do a Halo-themed campaign lately, and the choices of system I have include Traveller, GURPS Space, BRP and Stars Without Number. All of these would work, with varying degrees of additional effort on my part. I think GURPS Space would provide the most detail, which might be desirable from a mechanical/technical viewpoint....but even though Halo is a mixed pedirgee of FPS games and military SF fiction, its not really all about the normal agonizing level of detail you might expect from hardcore military SF. BRP could do it, but would require a greater degree of customization. Traveller would work well, but then I'd need to outline career paths for Spartan II and III candidates since its inevitable that some or all of the players may want to play one of these guys (no matter how likely they are to die when Reach gets glassed by the Covenant). That leaves Stars Without Number, which I think amply demonstrates the right level of detail and rules simplicity, as well as already having some great support for military-themed campaigns.

Which gets me to the above displayed book! The Halo Essential Visual Guide from DK Publishing is pretty much all I could have ever asked for in a campaign sourcebook, minus actual game stats and rules. I just got my copy at Borders today, so this may mean that I'll have my "Halo: SWN" adaptation up real soon.

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