Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Twelve Week Mark

The theory is that in many years this will be but one of a countless number of internet archival bits that can embarass the hell out of my kid. Anyway, the week twelve pics almost look like a tiny little kid now, less like something more closely related to a Precambrian ancestor:

Much better than the week nine pics, which looked closer to a juggling octopus!!!

Anyway, the little guy/gal is moving now, not just a little heartbeat, and seemed a might bit peturbed at being scanned by the nurse. We'll know the gender by June 21st so I can stop being ambiguous about the his/her bit.

Kind of unrelated, but if you want a nice, healthy experience learning about the development cycle of a child in the womb then the perinatal center we're going to (Pinon Perinatal) is pretty decent. If, on the other hand, you want to experience a horror show of the most terrifying kind, a quick google image search for "fetus" will lead to depths of madness unparalleled in even the Cthlhu Mythos. Don't click on that link of you are squeamish or (like me) found Eraserhead to be the most disturbing film in the history of cinema. Ah, the internet, so busy being terrifying, gross, informative, speading lies and gossipy all at the same time.

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