Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kaiju Biology and Vampire Anniversaries

I found this site with a very cool description of how maybe, just maybe it might be possible in a fantastical but "sounds cool enough to work" kind of way that Gojira and his buddies might roam the earth. Makes great fodder for a GURPS Atomic Horror campaign...or maybe surprise your BRP Rubble & Ruin, Atomic Highway or Gamma World characters with some twenty thousand ton monsters....

Grand Masquerade Special
General Release 

It's going to be print to order only, so those of you who want one should order it now I'm guessing.
$99...well, I know my wife is going to want one. She can read it while she's in the birthing ward, since this book and the baby will arrive around the same time =)

I'm still preparing myself for about five-seven years from now when the kid asks me why mom has the picture of a Tzimisce fleshcrafting vampire Sascha Vykos on her left arm..."Mommy's strange. You should know that by now. And Dad doesn't have one because he's got a low pain tolerance for tattoo needles. And no you can't have one. Yes it is do as we say not as we do, welcome to Reality 101, kid."

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