Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Call of Cthulhu Mobile Game?

I really hope they go cross-platform and maybe offer up a working edition on Steam, XBLA or, heck, just about anything I actually own. I'd hate to have to justify buying an iphone or something similar just to play...

In unrelated news I now have Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond. I'll be absorbing this quickly over the next couple of days, as it's scheduled to be a focal point for  a new bi-weekly afternoon Saturday game I'm starting this weekend. Surface impressions are good, though! The campaign book is meaty, the encounters book is full of interesting things to throw at the players (and not just fights) and the post maps look good. The Despair Deck is a very cool concept, eager to see it in action. The only disappointment so far is the flimsy box. More later!

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