Friday, May 20, 2011

Celebrating Rapture Day

I've had a tradition for a few years now of celebrating Easter Sunday with a rousing game of Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil (to name a few) or a good zombie movie marathon. This year is doubly-fun, as it turns out that according to Harold Camping the Rapture is about to hit tomorrow. This means DOUBLE the zombie madness this year, and I am already planning to make the new kick-off heroic-tier level one 4E campaign that starts tomorrow face a zombie epidemic, but shall then follow up that evening with a mix of L4D2 and an all-night zombie movie marathon.

...unless the dead DO start rising from the grave, at which time I will have to break out the modified weed-wackers and jury-rigged lawnmowers....because while we all know that the conventional Christian view of the Rapture probably looks like this--

The reality is going to be a whole lot more gruesome...

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