Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Tales from the League Universe VII: The Between (Cypher System)

 A creepy example of my tendency to inject cosmic horror anywhere I can:


Other Dimensional Alien (Alien Being) – Level 6

Motive: Conquer the Macroverse

Environment: Currently in the Microverse seeking escape

Health: 30

Damage Inflicted: 6 damage, and target must make a Level 6 Intellect Defense roll or begin to unravel (-1 step penalty to all actions, cumulative)

Armor: none

Movement: short

Modifications: Intellect defense at level 7

Powers: Between can teleport any distance at will as an action by “ripping” a hole in microspace. He can form a whole like this beneath or in front of a moving target which must make a level 5 Speed defense to avoid passing through the hole.

Fractal Minions of the Between: (Level 5; Health 15; Damage 5 plus unravelling effect, Might Defense Level 5 to avoid or cumulative -1 step penalty to all actions)

Between appears as a black statue that can disappear at odd angles; he feels like a black-blotted fractal in the shape of a rough humanoid. His minions appear in various forms, usually like tripod-shapped, three armed and three legged monsters with heads on the bottom and top of their black, fractal bodies.

Between wants nothing less than domination of the Macroverse. He has escaped a dying universe in a neighboring realm into the Microverse, but his powers are not fully realized in the Quantum realm….his ability to destabilize macroscale matter is much more powerful in the macroworld.  He cannot be reasoned with, outside of providing aid in his intent to escape to the Macroverse.

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