Thursday, January 26, 2023

Tales from the League Universe IV: Adam (Cypher System)

 And now for the League Universe's twisted reanimated anti-hero:

Adam – Level 6 Reanimated (see book)

Power Shifts are: +2 in fist attacks (+6 damage); +2 in Might Defense (total Defense 10); +1 in Speed Defense

Adam, known sometimes as Adam Wyrd, was allegedly a creation of Dr. Frankeinstein and has wandered the planet for two centuries now. He has been enhanced with cybernetic modifications to improve his strength, speed and thought.

Adam is not out to cause harm but will mistake the PCs for a threat initially, if it is feasible (mistaken hero battles FTW). Once (or if) communication starts he will explain that he was on track with shutting down a cell of Project Titan when he found that they had been staking out the office of Tachyon in Buffalo, at one of their listening posts. He found footage of a grab….the camera could not catch the images of her captors, for everything was moving at near superluminal speeds, but when it was over she was gone. He has with him a borrowed Paratime Sensor device from Project Tachyon which can trace the time dilated images of what happened…..and in so doing reveal four attackers, using her own speed power to corner her and pull her through some sort of portal, possibly into a realm known as The Bleed.

Downtown Chicago, rough Part of Town: Blackfire disappeared in a fight with The Demon. Dr. Futurity can teleport them to the location of the disappearance; cops have the area under tight investigation, but Detective Mary Caruthers is investigating and can trust the PCs if they behave right. She explains she’s worked with Black Lighting before, but The Demon is still on the loose. Strange radiation signatures are all anyone can discern.

Dr. Futurity can attune the disc to teleport them to within a quarter mile of The Demon. Right around that time The Demon attempts to hit an armored truck hauling illegal weapons for Keiretsu Cybertech, with intent to steal the weaponry.

NEXT: The Demon!

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