Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Tales from the League Universe II: Dr. Futurity (Cypher System)

 More League Stuff! Here's the infamous Dr. Futurity, name originally attributed to a friend from long ago in the campaign named Quentin Long, who I am sure was referencing the P.K.Dick story. I developed Futurity into my own vision of a mystical sorcerer supreme, with elements of the Phantom Stranger, Dr. Fate and Dr. Strange:

Doctor Futurity (known alias Devon Maxwell)

Superhuman (Arcane Origin) – Level 8 (24)

Motive: protect the world and the timeline, no matter the cost

Environment: Wherever trouble arises

Health: 80

Damage Inflicted: 8 points or 11 with ranged Onslaught attack

Armor: 1 or 4 (arcane armor)

Movement: short; flying long

Modifications: Arcane Powers at Level 10, Intellect Defense Rolls at level 10, +3 damage with Onslaught Attacks (ranged, 11 damage)

Powers: Doctor Futurity can call upon arcane sorcery to project illusions, manipulate time, create devastating force blasts, hover and fly, and teleport around the world. His power set includes:

Illusions – intellect defense roll level 10 to penetrate the illusion

Time Shift – Can project himself forward or backward in time; can project forward or backward in time up to 10 targets. This is a lengthy shift (not minutes, hours at minimum).

Teleport – Can apport himself and up to 9 others to any location in the world.

Ally: Alan Morn, MIA Operative (Secret Agent template for stats)                                 

Doctor Futurity is one of the premiere investigators and occult sorcerers in the world. He has worked with numerous organizations, though most famously the League in its various forms, and is said to have first appeared in the mid nineteenth century as an occult investigator, though his chronomantic time magic allows him to appear during any epoch of history.

Futurity is noted for his tendency toward a red/white/blue motif in his costuming, and his suits never appear the same twice. He is prone to changing his fashion over time to reflect the era in which he appears, but he always wears some form of mask and is otherwise unidentifiable; he has a persona when incognito that is a man of middle years with greying temples named Devon Maxwell, but this is also assumed to be a false image.

Futurity’s main purpose is the protection of the timeline from extra-dimensional occult threats, but his greatest challenge was the Cthonic invasion of New York in 1988, when he aided the League in stopping the mythos invasion. However, he paid a price; the cthonians left Earth alone, but he was forced to agree to a pact of limited interference going forward. Some think much of his power is focused on insuring the barriers in the Interstitial Dimension are kept strong to insure the cthonians do not return.

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