Sunday, September 8, 2019

Death Bat Update!

I've been too busy to post much recently, but here's a brief update as to what all is going on in the circles of gaming I try to weave through:

1. Pathfinder 2nd Edition going strong

We're running it weekly right now for Saturday nights and every other Wednesday (it replaced the D&D 5E game I was running). The system continues to intrigue though I think some of my players are eager to see more content for them to work with for chargen purposes. As a GM I am really keen to check out the Gamemastery Guide in January, the system will feel a bit more complete once it is out. Beyond that....I continue to really like the flow of the system, so far.

2. Cypher System in the Works

I'm planning to get back to this and my ongoing weird fantasy-SF mashup campaign, once I can get the Pathfinder craze to calm down. Hopefully by the time Cypher Core Revised edition comes out!

3. Also, Savage Worlds...

Our off-Wednesday game night is a Savage Worlds supers/horror mashup with some Twin Peaks-meets-Schlock Horror influence that is proving to be a great deal of weird fun. I should be seeing my copy of the new edition of Savage Worlds soon, looking forward to the upgrade.

4. World of Warcraft Classic

I've only managed to find time for a couple sessions, but WoW Classic's return hooked me back in to the game. Part of me is all "why am I doing this??" but the other part of me is, "Ah, I am genuinely enjoying this nostalgia trip, so shut up rational side of my brain."

5. The Switch Rules

When you're on the move a lot, having a Nintendo Switch along for the ride is valuable (expecially if you are in a hotel and hate local TV surfing). Also, has anyone noticed how amazingly the Switch is dominating remasters and retro adaptations of classic games from the not-too-distant past? I'm mostly playing stuff like Assassins' Creed III, Pillars of Eternity, Saints Row III and Dragon's Dogma on the Switch these days, and just added Bulletstorm and the surprise awesomeness of Deadly Premonition: Origins to that list.

I have to be honest....if I could only hold on to one console right now, Switch would be it.

Okay, more soon, I promise/hope!!!!

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