Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Making Monsters in Fantasy AGE (a Green Ronin link)

Green Ronin's got a great article up by Jack Norris on designing monsters for Fantasy AGE and Dragon AGE. Check it out here!

There's some very useful advice, as well as a good way to frame thinking about how to design FAGE monsters in terms of what you want them to do mechanically. If you, like me, have had some fun making FAGE monsters but are keen to get a better sense of the underlying process this article is extremely useful.

He may have a -2 Accuracy but that 4D6+8 potato peeler only needs to hit once!

I'm still quite into Fantasy AGE.....this one looks like it's got staying power. The Titansgrave campaign book is fun, too, now that I've finally secured a physical copy. The setting looks very cool, even if you weren't raised on the old cartoons it's inspired by.

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