Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Can't talk, playing Halo 5: Guardians

Dang this game is good.

This is just the opening cinematic for the Osiris Team introduction, of course (and I've posted it before because it's just so great I can't resist).

For those interested, this is the most story-driven content in a Halo game I've seen yet. It incorporates a lot of stuff we've previously only read about in the expanded Haloverse books, including other Spartan IIs, weird AI, more ONI deviousness-- and then it rapidly expands on the new post-Halo 4 content regarding the Prometheans that were last seen escaping from the prison planet of the Didact.

Oh, and spoiler alert!

Cortana appears to be back, and apparently despite the suggestion at the end of Halo 4 that she had succumbed to rampancy, it appears her connection to the hard light "digital realm" of the forerunners/prometheans has left her elevated--such that when Master Chief starts seemingly hallucinating her existence his sanity is not questioned, which implies (again) that everyone took seriously exactly how it was Master Chief survived the end of Halo 4 when the nuclear bomb took out Requiem or whatever the weapon was called. So...backed by his fellow surviving Spartan IIs (all of whom have been in various books) Master Chief sets out to find her and place an immense amount of trust in what she is intending to do (involving the Reclamation, which long time fans will know refers to the idea that human kind will rise again to restore its place in the galaxy after the near total subjugation/elimination by the Forerunners. Or so I have pieced together).

Whew. Anyway....back to playing after I convince my son to go to bed. Probably should convince myself, too.

No idea if multiplayer works. I'm one of those "buy it for the campaign, investigate multiplayer when I feel like it" kind of guys. I'm sure it's fun and all but hard to imagine it would hold a candle to the shear gravitas of the campaign, which is so far blowing this year's competition out of the water.

No promises on how many more blogs this week. Got a lot of quality time on the Xbox One coming, sorry!!!!

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