Wednesday, October 14, 2015

D&D 5E: from famine to glut, all thanks to 3PP

I recently was working on consolidating my precious shelf space, moving tomes I rarely need to storage shelves in the back and putting oft-used books up front and center. D&D 5E, of course, is pivotal in my gaming collection these days, next to a smattering of OSR products I use with 5E as well as my enormous collection of Pathfinder hardbacks that I recently had to dust off and return to service. In the course of cataloging I realized that 5E's got a lot of stuff out now, for a game that's about fifteen months old. Aside from the ten official products WotC has produced there are now five hard cover tomes from Frog God Games (my Quests of Doom 2 arrived last week), two soft cover books from Kobold Press, three soft cover modules I picked up on that looked worth owning in print, five modules from Goodman Games and a mess of Kickstarters on the way, including Primeval Thule which will add at least one hard cover and three soft covers to the mix; then there's Kobold Press's Tome of Beasts Kickstarter for an early 2016 release which adds another hard cover and a companion Lairs book. Of course we have Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide due for imminent release.

Just with what I've purchased alone that's 20 books owned and another 6 on the way. This doesn't even count the PDF sampling, of which I have maybe a dozen more so far.

Just sayin'......WotC maybe ought to have put out an OGL after all, hmmm? Although....I consider it very interesting that there was a quote...which hell if I can find it now, from Wolfgang Baur I believe, that suggested that on a certain level WotC was grateful for the big 3PP stepping in to fill some of the needs of fans out there with these products. I'll keep searching to see if I can find it....on ENWorld iirc.

This calls for a mosaic!

....Yeah it's been a tough year for D&D 5E fans. 

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