Monday, June 23, 2014

Traveller: Liftoff - Beginner's Edition

Neat idea: Mongoose is going to publish a beginner's set for Traveller aimed at a younger audience. The intro to the concept (and the beta test) to Traveller: Liftoff is here, and the free downloadable beta PDFs are here. The developer is 13Mann which is apparently Mongoose's German affiliate/licensee. Interestingly they've apparently already done this with a beginner's set for Rolemaster that gets kids into the game.....forget the kids, I'd love to try out a beginner's Rolemaster! Long before the modern era of D20, OSR and Indie games there was a time when complex games weren't kidding around, and Rolemaster was leader of the pack (right next to Chivalry & Sorcery). The idea that they could make a kid-friendly version intrigues me. For Traveller it's a no brainer.....Traveller at it's core is a fairly easy game system (MGT in particular).

Anyway, check out the beta playtest and decide for yourself....


  1. Where is that amazing bottom image from?

    1. According to the spot I found it, the illustration was for a Traveller charity calendar from Spica Publishing:

  2. The whole thing is also available to read online: