Monday, March 5, 2012

Some Halo 4 Stuff

There's video footage and discussion here on Videogame Writers, but I thought it was interesting for a few odd reasons:

1. I like that they plan to have some story focus on the "why" of the eternal multiplayer combat of the Halo universe. Up to now, one could only assume more or less that all multiplayer events and arenas for the most part were purely for the game, or if they had a story context it was all "pre Reach."

2. Every single person in this video on the design team looks tired and worn out. Lots of coffee in various shots, I couldn't help but notice. I bet 343 are working their assess off around the clock to make the December 2012 deadline.

3. Spartan IVs? I like!

And....well.....that's it. I am sure the new game will tie heavily into the novels being written by Greg Bear, which I really need to get around to reading soon.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled tabletop blog!

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