Friday, March 9, 2012

Isomular: Mechanics

Rules of the Game

Isomular is a unique sort of blend of fantasy and science fiction (popularly referred to as “planetary romance”), so pretty much any and all of the rules for either genre can be applied here, within the specific restrictions given (i.e. many people perform “magic,” which is really psionics, and the world is seen as a fantasy realm by its denizens, but is really an alien planet colonized long after Earth was destroyed or occupied by other-dimensional aliens. The world is inhabited by many demi-human races and monsters, but most all humanoids are really transgenically altered human descendants or alien natives.)

Within the above scope you can add or implement many elements of the True20 rules to this setting, but many more should be excluded to insure Isomular retains its distinct look and feel apart from standard fantasy settings.

World Profile

Planetary Characteristics

Isomular is 13,900 km in diameter, slightly larger than earth normal. The local gravity is actually a little less than Earth (.97), and it has a surprisingly weak magnetic field; the poles shift position every few centuries, in fact. Although few scholars know of such forgotten lore, data in the knowledge banks of the Architect can reveal that geosurvey information suggests that Isomular’s metal core is smaller and less dynamic than Earth’s was.

The atmosphere of Isomular is surprisingly close to earth-normal, with minor traces of nusual gasses such as chlorine in higher than normal concentrations. For practical purposes natives are fully adapted and experience no trouble breathing.

Isomular has more water than earth and is currently in a period of global warming. The exact cause of this warming effect is unknown, but as a result, there is very little ice locked at the polar caps, and more than 84% of the world is covered in ocean.

Isomular is a warm world in the middle of a global hothouse effect. Whether it will get worse or better over time remains unknown.

People of Isomular

The population of Isomular is not precisely known, but may be thirty million strong, among sentients, of which man is at least accountable for one third of that.

The governments of Isomular are fragmentary, diverse, and vary with the seasons at times. Feudal kingdoms, anarchy, egalitarian societies and more all await discovery in the land. There is little law beyond that instituted from city to city and by the dictates of whatever passes for authority in one region or another. Most natives strongly value their freedom and independence, and are deeply offended at the suggestion that they disarm, anywhere, anytime.


Although some of the cultures of man and Isomulii are budding on the cusp of tech level 3, the world is by and large a primitive land of swords and bows, beast-drawn carriages and muscle power.


The powers of Isomular are psionic in origin, and all Adepts of this setting are psychically powerful. All of the powers in True20 are permissible. Adepts in True20 should choose a Psionic Focus, in which the powers of the psionic favor a certain type of ability or approach to psionics. The adept can still learn other psionic powers, but he gains an automatic +1 modifier to Will saves against difficulty when using the powers of their focus. Additionally, the Psionic Focus determines which attribute applies to a given power set. Finally, an adept must devote halfof his learned powers to his preferred psionic focus; the others can be used for different powers. Example foci include the following:


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