Monday, March 19, 2012

Isomular: More on Technology

Technology on Isomular

There are two sources of ancient technology on Isomular. The Isomulii created many wondrous clockwork items, and their ancient civilization was harnessing steam power when it was shattered in rebellion. The distant apocalyptic society that once existed on Isomular was very high-tech, and while almost nothing of this civilization remains, occasionally a very unusual artifact will surface.

In contrast, the Coral Ark brought with it both men and technology, and while the long voyage of the ark had left much of its wondrous technology exhausted and damaged, enough artifacts survived to make a measurable impact on the future of man.

These artifacts were built to last, and certain small, dedicated orders (especially among the Engineers and the Eldaran) have taught the rituals of maintenance, to insure that these fabulous items are not lost to disrepair and damage. Some of these items include the lightning and fire guns, the war helms, and the communicators. A few air skiffs still survive, held in jealous possession by the noble families of Zymvaj and Kalashtam. There are even a few of the ancient mechanoids, tirelessly serving the needs of the Architect and the Coral Ark out in the Whispering Ocean.

Essentially, almost any old world and science fiction technology described in True20 can have an interesting place in Isomular if the GM wants it to.

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