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Isomular: New feats for True20

New Feats in Isomular

There are a number of new feats which characters of Isomular may take. Among these feats, all characters should have the option of choosing the Hidden Talent feat at 1st level in the EPH (pg. 66). Some feats are unavailable in Isomular, such as all spell enhancement metamagic feats and item creation feats. All of the psionic feats in the EPH are available. Additional feats available include:


The harsh ecosystem of Isomular is not too friendly to the human races which settled here. Some humans have developed a good resistance to the local flora and fauna, such that they can eat and partake of plants most people find barely digestible. These people can also resist poisons and toxins in the native environment better.

Prerequisite: 1st level only

Effect: You get a +4 Fortitude save when exposed to poisons and toxins from a native-born plant or animal. You may also get a +4 modifier to your Survival skill rolls to forage for edible food from the native wildlife, as your range of options is somewhat wider than normal. This does not apply to other characters unless they also are Adapted.

Psychic Linguist

You are unusually well-versed in the strange languages of Isomular, even the insectoid ones which are unpronounceable and sometimes incomprehensible to most humans.

The insectoid languages of Isomular all have an ancient, common root and all insectoid species of intelligence derive their language from the same root source. As such, the nature of these languages is similar enough for a wisened linguist to grasp as a spectrum. Similarly, the simplistic languages of the reptilian species are also, apparently, derived from a common source and work much the same way.

Effect: Your keen ear and psychic propensity for the strange languages of the myrmidons, Isomulii, lizardfolk and other species lets you make an Intelligence check at DC 15 whenever communicating with these beings to grasp what they are saying, even if you do not know their languages as skills. You may apply this to any species’ language you encounter, even if it is for the first time. You may also attempt to communicate back, making a DC 20 Intelligence check to try and replicate the strange clicks, whirrs, and hoots of the language to make a basic point known. You won’t be quoting Shakespear, but you will be able to get ideas like, “Don’t kill me,” and “I’ll give gold for food,” across.

Past Lives

You are an old soul, and you have probably reincarnated many, many times. As such, you seem to have a unique grasp on the world around you, and sometimes can relate your current events to spontaneous memories from prior lives. These memories are sudden and usually disconnected. Occasionally, they are older than man’s time on Isomular.

Prerequisite: Wis 15+, psionic abilities

Effect: You may periodically ask to make a Wisdom check against a variable DC to see if a given situation awakens a past-life memory. You may do this a number of times per game session equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Past Lives DC Results:

DC 10< A fun, odd, or otherwise interesting but useless memory of a past life, not relevant at all.

DC 10-14 A vague memory, with some allegorical or suggestive reference to the present quandary.

DC 15-19 A useful memory that provides a +1 circumstance modifier to the current problem.

DC 20-24 A distinct memory that offers a +2 circumstance modifier and some insight.

DC 25+ A vivid memory, which allows the PC to take 10 on the situation even if he normally couldn’t, or a +4 circumstance modifier, whichever is better.


You are born without psionic ability, and are described by the cosmology of the psionicists as a being without a soul. You can never manifest psionic ability, and are remarkably resistant to psionic effects.

The philosophy of the psionic colleges and monasteries says that all beings seek true enlightenment in the fabric of the universe, but that until they achieve this goal, they will eventually wander back to the mortal plane to reincarnate. Some children are born that do not have a reincarnated soul, secular vessels which, while biologically alive, are not gifted with the psionic essence of the universe.

Prerequisites: No adept powers at all.

Effect: You can never manifest psionic powers, and can never learn any powers or take levels in the Adept role. Instead you receive a few unique resistances: First, you can never be contacted using the Mind Touch power. Second, you gain a Psionic Resistance score equal to 10 plus your Intelligence modifier. This value increases as your character’s level advances. The trade-off, of course, is that this resistance value is always on, and will work against beneficial psionic effects as well as hostile psionics. The Psi Resistance works like this: any time a power is used that would affect you directly, you must make a Psi Resistance check by rolling 1D20. If your score is equal to or less than your Psi Resistance score, the power fails against you, automatically. If you roll higher than your score, then the power’s normal process continues (including any subsequent saves and effects) as normal.

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