World of Chirak Article Index

Somehow I've never actually indexed all of the articles on this site about it's namesake: the Realms of Chirak setting, which I have run continuously from 1992 to present. Here at last are those articles:

Where to Start:

There's a free introduction to Chirak here you can download which includes maps of the Sea of Chirak region. It's basic and system-neutral, but doesn't provide a lot of specific setting content.

There's a revised introduction to Chirak here which I have revised again recently, and provides a more modern (and cleaner) overview of Chirak.

The 4E-compatible version of Chirak can be found here as well, but I promise I will have a 5th edition compatible version out before the end of the year!!! I also have an OSR conversion document for Chirak here.

Now, for the blog index:

General Articles, mostly containing 5E content:

Haddaran Zamac
A write-up of the schemes of a new rising villain in Chirak

Milina, Daughter of the Betrayer
5E demigod stats for the daughter of Minhauros

Animate Worker Drones
5E monster stats for animate worker drones

Animate Collectors
5E monster stats for animate collectors

The Jagged Coast
A campaign fragment I unearthed from a short 2008 campaign I ran in AD&D 2E along the western shores of the Sea of Chirak

Cannesh Shapeshifters
four animal shifter races for 5E

Playing animates in Chirak with 5E rules

Naught, adventuring Minotaur
A homunculus turned into a minotaur via Lich Lord Malenkin's cruel magic...for 5E

Minotaurs in Chirak
A 5E conversion

Scenes from Chirak
Evocative art I think reflects my vision of Chirak well

Moloron the Younger
A noted warlock in the region of Therias for 5E

Kytron Vellasco
A tiefling fighter in Chirak for 5E

Charamis Zen'Rakatt
Devious gnome problem causer and instigator of Espanea....for 5E

Blood Magic Feat
An early take on Blood Magic for 5E

Alsandra Vienneros
A piratical NPC in Espanea for 5E

Sedara Braims
A necromancer out of Grelmaine for 5E

Revising Chirak
A new introduction to Chirak for the eventual revision that will be 5E compatible.

Icons of Chirak
A take on the Icons as they would look in the 13th Age

Frostbane and the Blade of Malib
4E versions of two artifact swords in Chirak

Choronzon Demons
4E versions of the dreaded prisonkeepers of Molabal

The City-States of Pelegar Entries - Chirak's biggest "crapsack kingdom"

City States of Pelegar
The land at the heart where evil died yet still lives

History of Pelegar
A historical overview of the land where the betrayer god Ga'Thon perished, and the old evil Molabal dwelt

Mercenaries of Zelhamat
A militant order of Pelegar

The Ruins of Vornzak
Domain of a mad undead king

Map of Pelegar
The detailed local map I use

Pelegar: Cult of Vorsag-Null
A serial killer cult because Pelegar is just a crapsack kingdom

Shaddizhar Entries:

Arenjun, Jewel of Shaddizhar
The capitol of this desert kingdom

Shaddizhar, Kingdom of Nomads
An overview of this land along the Sea of Chirak's southern shores

The Exodus of the Zarathel
A hypothetical historical campaign in Chirak taking place not long after the Final War that I never did run

Eredoth and the Relic Kingdoms: Slightly nicer than Pelegar

Recent history of Eredoth
The recent events of this northeastern land

Player Lore of the Relic Kingdoms
What any adventurer might know about Eredoth

Lost History of the Relic Kingdoms
Ancient lore of Eredoth unveiled.

Spirits, Demons and Vestiges of Eredoth
This region has a lot of them.

Eredoth and the Relic Kingdoms
An introduction to the regions of Chirak north and east of Xoxtocharit. They make the Xoxtocharit look normal and balanced.

Lands of Theliad Entries

The Sunken Temple of Ikaros
A Theliad scenario in 4E terminology I ran some time ago.

Personalities of Thelaed
NPCs of the island kingdom west of the mainland Theliad (pronounced Theliad: The-Lee-Ad and Thelaed: The Laid)

The City of Thelaed
A bronze age society at the edge of the northeastern lands of Chirak

Classes of Theliad
4E advice on using Theliad

Races of Theliad and a Snapshot of the Divine Powers
An overview of who lives in this region and the strange immortals that pretend to be gods

Map of Theliad

History and Lore of Theliad

Kasdalan: Realm of the Dark Queen Entries

Kasdalan: The Qlippothic Menace
A plot in Kasdalan involving ancient demons

The Lurking Shadows
Another Kasdalan plotline involving the rise of Molabal after his escape but before he is ganked

Kasdalan: Agents and Agencies
Threatening organizations of Kasdalan

The Slaughter of the Minotaurs and Other Plots
More plot ideas in Kasdalan

The Eleventh Marriage
Still more plots in Kasdalan!

Dark Plots
A lot of stuff is going down in Kasdalan...

Map of Kasdalan

The Secret History of Lady Poe and Zam Redar
Chirak's two biggest villains once got married...and then divorced, ugly style

Where the Dark Queen Won
The tale of Kasdalan, ruled by the dark queen Lady Poe

Tales of the Cannadad Dei: The Sabiri Lands Entries

H'Naka Warrior Women
A cult of warrior women in Sabiri

Death among the Sabiri

Warfare in Sabiri

Life Among the Sabiri Tribes

Sabiri Tattoo Magic
With Pathfinder details

Arms and Armor of the Sabiri

Dress and Garb of the Sabiri

Sabiri Culture

Recent History of Sabiri

The Antiquity of Sabiri

Prehistory of the Sabiri

The Geography of Sabiri

The People of Sabiri

Introduction to Sabiri, Gateway to the West

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