Monday, February 22, 2021

OpenQuest 3 PDF for Backers - One Step Closer to Done!

The final OpenQuest 3 PDF has been released to Kickstarter backers and it looks great! The quality of the art overall is superior to prior editions and the layout/design is impressive, Newt Newport of D101 Games has outdone himself and I am thinking that I must plan my next campaign to use OpenQuest now. 

For those of you not familiar with it, OpenQuest is an OGL reimagining of Runequest and BRP using the Legend OGL from Mongoose as its original base. The system is designed to appeal to the Runequest/BRP fans who have been left behind by Chaosium for various reasons, which includes fans who liked the older 1st/2nd/3rd editions of Runequest (I'm personally a permanent fan of the Avalon Hill Deluxe Runequest era), and it's flexibility as a game system to handle more than just Glorantha simulation. Likewise, BRP got its moment in the sun with the Big Gold Book, then was eventually abandoned when Chaosium changed ownership, turning in to a much more basic 32 page document with a limited open license. OpenQuest 3 solves the problem of having a decent fantasy-based edition of the D100/BRP system which can both emulate Glorantha games if desired and your own fantasy games. It also provides some setting details on the world of sword & sorcery evoked in prior D101 game products.   

Anyway, keep an eye out for more soon, I am sure it will be up for sale for non-backers at some point.


  1. Out of curiosity is OQ3 under the Legend OGL or the BRP OGL?

    1. Legend OGL! I think the new edition is staying consistent with the prior editions, and avoiding any complications/comparisons to RQ as a result.