Monday, May 11, 2020

Previewing the Pathfinder 2E Advanced Player's Guide - Much Needed Goodness

I just noticed that the Paizo website listing for the upcoming Advanced Players Guide now lists the general contents of the book....check it out:

--Four new classes: the investigator, oracle, swashbuckler, and witch!
--Five new ancestries and five heritages for any ancestry: celestial aasimars, curious catfolk, hagspawned changelings, vampiric dhampirs, fate-touched duskwalkers, scaled kobolds, fierce orcs, fiendish tieflings, industrious ratfolk, and feathered tengu!
--40 new archetypes including multiclass archetypes for the four new classes, Pathfinder favorites like the cavalier, dragon disciple, shadowdancer, and vigilante, and brand-new archetypes like the familiar master and the shield-bearing iron wall!
--New class options for all twelve classes from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook including champions of evil, genie and shadow sorcerers, zen archer monks, rogue masterminds, spellcasting rangers, and more!
--Even more exciting new rules, from rare and unique backgrounds to investigative skill feats, from spells and rituals like reincarnate and create demiplane to new items including special wands with unusual effects and exciting potions worthy of a witch's cauldron.

That is a very exciting list. Perhaps most exciting is they seem to be covering all the ancestries and heritages my group has been missing; it's really hard to run some of my games without ancestry stats for aasimar, tieflings and catfolk, for example. This is a much needed tome, really looking forward to its release! It will by coincidence arrive in July sometime (exact date post-COVID-19 disruptions not determined it looks like), which will be right around the time our current Pathfinder campaign which started first week of August and has been meeting non-stop will be hitting the Real High Levels (somewhere around 17-18 depending on how things go; they are all about 65 XP away from level 16 as of this weekend).

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