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50 Quick and Dirty Fantasy Monsters for Cypher System

Excuse the formatting, although given the simple nature of Cypher's mechanics there may be some tweaking I need to do here.....but in anticipation of running the next Cypher System game I prepped a range of the usual suspects to have a wealth of encounter options as needed. In doing this list I utilized my rough guidelines on Pathfinder conversion, so, here you go...

Cypher System Fantasy Bestiary

Ant, Giant Level 1 (3)
Health 3, Armor 1 point, damage 1, Poison bite Level 4 (effect: cannot spend from Might Pool for 4 combat rounds)
Giant ants are larger than dogs and can be a countryside danger.

Barghest Level 3 (18)
Health 9, Armor 1 (magic ignores), damage 3, Abilities include ability to charm an enemy at short range for one minute (level 3), induce despair level 3 (all pool costs increase by 1 for one minute), can teleport a short distance as a move action each round. GMI: can devour a humanoid corpse in one round to grow, gaining a level. At level 6 becomes a greater barghest and gains ability to teleport and attack in same round.
These other dimensional monsters are superficially related to goblins and seeks such kind to rule as their leader once they transform.

Basilisk Level 4 (12)
Health 12, damage 4, Turns enemies to Stone with a gaze Level 5 (14); coating a fresh victim in the basilisk’s blood within one hour reverses the effect.
These reptilian lone predators with six eight legs are often recognized for the decaying statues that litter their lairs.

Burrower Ankheg Level 3 (9)
Health 9, Armor 1 point, Damage 3, Acid Spit short range, Level 3, deals 4 damage
A large insectoid burrowing creature that terrorizes farmers and eats cattle.

Carnivorous Ape 3 (9)
Health 9, Damage 3
These apes are known for their taste for flesh and are a threat to regions with warmer forest climates.

Dire Bat Level 2 (6)
Health 6, damage 2
Giant cave bats are a nuisance but can be a threat in numbers as they seek to drink the blood of victims.

Grizzly Bear Level 3 (9)
Health 9, Damage 3, GMI: Maul Attack next round deals 4 damage and knocks the target prone.
Grizzly bears are common in the wilderness but tend to be territorial in the spring.

Fire Beetles 2 (6)
Health 6, Damage 2, GMI: the beetle is a flash beetle variant (Level 3) which can cause blindness for one minute.
Fire beetles are glowing dog-sized monsters and their abdomens can be cut free to serve as bottled light for several days.

Behir (Linnorn Beast) Level 5 (15)
Health 20, damage 5, breathes electricity for short range Level 6 to dodge, 6 damage, regenerates every 1D6 rounds; GMI Behir can grab a target and constrict for 6 damage, restraining target (Level 5 might check to escape)
These sinuous serpentine drakes are common in deserts and are often brought out by great thunderstorms.

Dire Boar Level 3 (9)
Health 12, Damage 3, GMI: attempts an immediate gore attack at level 4, deals 4 damage
Wild peccaries can be dangerous but the primeval dire boar is a major threat to hunters.

Bugbear Level 2 (6)
Health 6, Damage 2, Stealth ability Level 4; a bugbear which has surprise attacks at level 4 and deals 4 damage during the surprise round.
Bugbears are larger goblin cousins, reviled for their murderous ways.

Land Shark (Bulette) Level 4 (12)
Health 16, damage 4, Leap Attack Level 6, deals 4 damage to all nearby enemies where it lands. GMI: Savage Bite at Level 5 (15) and 5 damage
These beasts may have been created by some mad wizard, and are fearsome predators in hill lands.

Catfolk Level 1 (3) comoners or 3 (9) warriors
Health 3 or 9, damage 1 or 3 unarmed or 4 by weapon, Nimble: Level 3 or 5 defense to avoid being hit. GMI: deal +2 damage to a magical foe. Sprinters: catfolk may move and take an action each round. GMI: the catfolk move out of sight quickly, and target must make an intellect check Level 4 to keep track or the catfolk is considered stealthed.
Catfolk proliferate through rainforests and mountainlands in tribal groups which demonstrate a deep respect for the lands around them. They avoid city life but some loners take to it quite well.

Centaur Level 2 (6)
Health 9, damage 4 (spear or sword) or 2 (hooves); GMI: the centaur attempts to trample a target (level 3) and knock them prone.
Centaurs are roaming hunters and nomads, living primitive but fruitful lives. They do not get along well with humans and other two legged species usually.

Choker Level 2(6)
Health 6, damage 2, Strangling Attack Level 3 (9), the choker deals 3 damage per round and grabs on to the target, which must make a Level 3 might roll to dislodge the beast.
These aberrations are grotesque subterranean predators which move with a rubbery, boneless gait.

Cloaker Level 3 (9)
Health 9, damage 3, Moan Attack Level 4 Intellect defense (effect will be fear (flee 2 rounds), nausea (fall prone 1D4+1 rounds), stupor (become immobile for 5 rounds) or unnerve (-1 modifier to attack rolls); after 6 rounds in the moaning area on failed defense rolls subject goes in to a trance until moaning stops. Shadow Shift (cloaker level goes to 4 against attacks), Engulf Level 4 (wrap man sized or smaller foe in its wings; Level 4 Might to break free, otherwise take 4 damage per round from blood drain); GMI: uses an additional ability as a free action.
These underworld predators look like evil flying manta rays and are feared for their cunning intelligence and ability to manipulate the goblinoid races.

Derro Level 2 (6)
Health 6, damage 2 (daggers and hand crossbows), Madness (level 3 defense against intellect attacks), Poison Use (Level 4 poison on weapons, deals 4 additional damage), vulnerable to sunlight (Level 1 defense in sunlight); Spells: induce darkness for short range at will; Dazing Sound Burst (Level 4 or become disoriented, -1 penalty on rolls for 1 round).
The dwarves of the deep, these sadistic creatures may have fled to the underworld long ago to escape a greater threat on the surface. They have been warped and twisted in the image of the Old Gods.

Doppelganger Level 2 (6)
Health 6, damage 2, Shape Change ability, Level 6 (18) to detect that they are not the target of their shape change. Mimicry (Level 5) to emulate the behavior of the subject of its disguise.
Doppelgangers look like evil, pale mannequins with blue tongues, pupiless eyes and blue blood. They mimic and replace targets that they seek to take over the lives of.

Giant Eagle Level 1 (3)
Health 3, Damage 1
These cunning forest predators mostly keep to themselves except to protect their young.

Elephant Level 5 (15)
Health 20, damage 5, trample attack Level 6 in short range, 6 damage and knocks all targets prone.
Elephants are useful herd animals but a bull elephant can be dangerous in the wild.

Giant Frog Level 1 (3)
Health 3, Damage 1, Sticky Tongue Level 2 Speed attack, against a short range target will grapple and restrain the target (level 2 Might to break free).
Giant frogs are a tasty nuisance.

Gnolls Level 1 (3) commoners or Level 2 (6) warriors
Health 3 or 6, damage 1 or 2 unarmed or 4 (spear)
Gnolls are hyena-headed beast men who dwell in arid plains and deserts. They are territorial but not fearsome unless they outnumber a target. They often train hyenas as guard pets.

Griffon Level 3 (9)
Health 12, damage 3, pouncing attack Level 4, 4 damage and either knocks foe prone or grabs foe in claws (level 3 might roll to break free).
These flying chimerical beasts are part eagle and part lion. They can be tamed as mounts with time and effort.

Harpies Level 4 (12)
Health 12, damage 4, Alluring Song Level 5 Intellect attack (captivates all targets within long range, compelling them to move toward the harpy, regardless of obstacles or cliffs in the way; new attack each round; once the song is resisted the target is immune for one day).
Harpies are malevolent, cursed half-eagle, half-women who lure humanoids to their doom with their songs, usually by getting them to walk over a chasm or cliff to fall to their doom.

Hell Hound Level 2 (6)
Health 6, damage 2, fire breath that attacks short range at Level 4 and deals 4 fire damage every 4th round; Stealthy at Level 4.
Hell Hounds are believed to come from some abyssal plane of existence, and appear to be smouldering corpse dogs.

Hobgoblins Level 2 (3)
Health 6, Armor 2 points chain and shield, damage 2 unarmed or 4 sword, Stealthy at level 3 without armor.
Slightly larger cousins of the goblin, the hobgoblins are more militant and aggressive, and often subjugate goblin clans to their will (but they will defer to bugbears or barghests).

Hydra (lesser) Level 3 (9)
Health 3 per head, damage 3, multiple attacks (one per head, usually 7-9) in short range, fast healing lets it regenerate uncauterized wounds at 1 point of health per round; if it takes 3 damage a head is severed, and two rounds later it regenerates 2 new heads from the stump. Only cauterizing a stump stops this.
Hydras dwell in swamps and mountains and their regenerative ability makes them insanely dangerous. They are lone creatures.

Lizardfolk Level 1 (3) commoner, Level 2 (6) warrior
Health 3 or 6, damage 1 or 2 unarmed or 4 by weapon
Lizardfolk are part of an ancient reptilian race that may once have spanned the continent long ago before falling to barbarism.

Manticore Level 3 (9)
Health 12, damage 3, spike tail attacks all in short range at Level 3 Speed attack for 3 damage to all targets, but may do so only 1D6 times per day before regenerating spikes.
The manticore is part lion, part human, and part dragon. It is a lone beast and wanders the badlands and mountains hunting prey.

Mohrg Level 7 (21)
Health 21, Damage 7 (tongue with paralysis), paralysis is Level 7 might or become paralyzed for 3 minutes. A creature killed by a mohrg will rise as a zombie under the mohrg’s control.
Mohrg are terrifying undead spawned from serial killers who continue their practice in undeath. They attack with a tongue like appendage forged of their rotten flesh that writhes in their ribcage.

Mummy Level 4 (12)
Health 15, damage 4, Despair Level 5 Intellect defense or all in range become paralyzed with fear for 4 rounds. Mummy Rot Level 4 Might defense on taking damage or target begins to rot, losing ability to replenish Might Pool and dropping 1 point per day until cured or hits zero and turns to dust. Anything which can remove a curse will lift the mummy rot. Mummies take double damage from fire.
Mummies of ancient civilizations which are jealous of what they took with them to their ancient graves can be a major threat to tomb robbers.

Oni Level 4 (12)
Health 15, damage 4 unarmed or 6 (large sword), change shape at will (level 5 intellect to detect), darkness in short range at will, turn invisible (level 5) at will, can charm an enemy for one minute (Level 4 Intellect), can turn to a fine mist once per day, can attack with a burst of cold Level 5, 5 damage, to up to three targets in short range.
Fearsome opponents related to ogres, the oni are other dimensional invaders with an inscrutable purpose. 

Owlbear Level 3 (9)
Health 12, damage 3, GMI: mauling attack (get free second attack and knock foe prone if hit)
These aberrations were no doubt the creation of some wizard, or escapees from another dimension, with hideous skull-like faces and eyes reminiscent of owls, and the bodies or large bears.

Pseudodragon Level 1 (3) (also called Faerie Dragons)
Health 3, damage 1, poison sting level 4 does 1 damage and induces sleep for 1 minute; GMI: also has invisibility and uses it.
Psuedodragons are not believed to be true dragons but may be natural creatures which escaped the Arboreal Kingdoms of the Faerie. They are cunning and intelligence beasts, and can be taught to speak fluently.

Rakshasa Level 5 (15)
Health 15, damage 5, trained in magic (can cast various magical effects, including a lightning bolt for level 6, 6 damage to short range targets, shape change at will, invisibility, and can induce 2 points of magical armor as an action; may have other effects and cyphers). Detect Thoughts as Level 6 Intellect defense to read a crature’s mind within long range.
The rakshasa are an ancient race which has learned to hide from the young races who fear them for their power. They are manipulators and deceivers working behind the scenes to influence history. They are noted for being able to shape change very effectively, but they cannot disguise their hands, which always face backwards from a normal man (Level 4 Intellect check to notice this if actively searching).

Roc Level 7 (21)
Health 45, damage 7, can grab a target it strikes and lift it in to the air to be dropped later.
These enormous birds are mostly solitary predators but can be found and trained as effective creatures of war. They are large enough to grab and lift elephants.

Giant Scorpions Level 3 (9)
Health 9, damage 3, poison on attack Level 4 might check or take 4 additional damage; GMI: can constrict with the claws as Level 4 attack for 4 damage and restraining target, which must make 4 Might check to escape on its round or continue to take damage.
Giant scorpions can be found in deserts, forests and the plains hunting small to medium sized prey.

Shadows Level 2 (6)
Health 6, Damage 2, Strengh Drain Level 3 or target takes 3 Might damage and cannot recover that amount to the pool for 24 hours. A Target reduced to 0 might by a shadow becomes a shadow itself.
These undead beings are disincorporated spirits or vestiges of evil beings that seek to drain the life energy from targets and make more of itself. Shadows luckily often seem rooted to a haunted location.

Shambling Mount Level 5 (15)
Health 15, Damage 5, and a target struck must make a Level 4 might check or be trapped in its mass, taking addition 5 constriction damage until it escapes. Lighting/electrical damage heals instead of wounds shambling mounds.
These strange beings of swamps and woodland may be naturally occurring manifestation of nature spirits but they often act like any other predator and demonstrate a relatively low level of intelligence, albeit somewhat smart.

Tengu Level 1 (3) or warriors level 2 (6)
Health 3 or 6, damage 1 or 2 unarmed or 4 points with swordss, Tengu can learn most languages quickly, and are excellent with swords.
The birdfolk of the land are ravenlike creatures with a cunning intelligence, ability to learn languages easily, some flight and a natural aptitude for swordsmanship.

Troglodytes Level 2 (6)
Health 6, damage 2 unarmed or 4 by weapon, natural stench exudes in short range and everyone in that area makes a Level 3 Might check or become nauseated, increasing attack and defense levels to 3 against foes in that area.
The subterranean lizardfolk known as troglodytes are particularly vile and repulsive in their smell which serves to warn off neighbors to their presence.

Trolls Level 3 (9)
Health 12, damage 3 with claws, 6 with weapons, GMI: rend attack at level 4, deals 4 damage to up to two immediate targets. Trolls regenerate 2 health per round, and only fire or acid stop this.
Trolls are devious and cunning but asocial, and dislike most other creatures, dwelling instead in areas where they can force payment for protection or tolls, or set up ancient caverns filled with traps.

Vanara Level 1 (3) commoners or level 3 (9) warriors
Health 3 or 9, damage 1 or 3 unarmed or 4 (bo staff), excellent climbers
Vanara are simian humanoids of deep intelligence who obsess over their appearance and enjoy raunchy humor. They are rife in deep rain forests and jungles where they form large tribes.

Vargoulle Level 2 (6)
Health 2, damage 2, Vargoulle’s Kiss Level 4 Intellect Check or the target will turn in to a vargoulle within 24 hours unless a curse is removed; on a bite target is Level 4 might check or take 4 extra poison damage; Shriek attack Level 3 Intellect or become paralyzed for 2 minutes.
These horrifying demonic heads with wings are a kind of infernal outsider which invades the mortal realm to make more itself, after which it flies off to other dimensions with its new hellish brood.

Wights Level 3 (9)
Health 9, damage 3 or by weapon (usually 4 or 6), Stealthy at Level 4, and any creature slain by a wight becomes a wight in 1D6 rounds. Wights deal damage to the might and speed pool first, and points lost cannot be restored for 24 hours.
These more ominous undead are found in ancient tombs called barrow mounds sometimes, and at others are part of old risen armies.

Wyverns Level 4 (12)
Health 12, damage 4, on a strike also deals poison (Might Level 4 check) dealing additional 4 damage. GMI: can rake with claws against all immediate targets for 4 damage each.
Wyverns are winged drakes, related to dragons but of a lesser intelligence. They roost in high cliffs and hunt men for food.


Creatures of Ensaria:

The Rabbitfolk:

Dwellers of the Kerenwood, the rabbitfolk are prolific but remain largely hidden in their burrow cities throughout the deep woodlands and away from men, elves and dwarves. They are animistic and superstitious, but they are dangerous in large groups.
A’Hool Commoner Level 1; typically has a light weapon (2 pts) and no armor, but only attacks if they outnumber enemies 3 to 1.
A’Hool Warrior Level 2; these tribal protectors will stand up to any menace protecting their bellow tribes living in burrowed hills throughout the Kerenwood. They tend to have spears (4 points) and leather harnesses (1 point) for protection. If three or more surround a target they attack and defend as if level 3.
A’Hool Shaman Level 2; the shamanic spellcasters can cause many issues, including the ability to cause blindness for 1D6 minutes (level 3) and the ability to crush bones at a short distance (level 3 effect, 6 damage).

Lizardfolk of the Swamplands:
The swamp dwelling hinzin are dedicated to their ancient swamp god, Sorrileth, and believe that they are the fallen survivors of the First Kingdom. They intensely dislike most outsiders.
Hinzin Tribesman Level 2: Typical hinzin lizardfolk are nothing to sneeze at and come about 7 feet standing next to a human, with alligator-like bulk. They deal 2 points with claws and wield weapons for 4 points usually. Even ordinary tribesemen are dangerous in a fight.
Hinzin Marshwalker Level 4: Marshwalkers are scouts, warriors and rangers who watch out for their tribe. They are especially good at stealth (level 5 to detect) and usually armed with broad axes and spears (4 points). They are excellent swimmers as well.
Hinzin Warlord Level 5: these are beastly hinzin who have taken alchemical concoctions in the name of the Swamp God Sorrileth to enhance their physique. As such they tend to have 20 health, and deal 6 damage on a strike, even unarmed. As an intusion they can grab a foe and deal an additional 6 damage trying to break bones and tear the target limb from limb.

Senchir Birds Level 3; these birds are huge, like ancient axe beaks, and native to the terrain. They are equipped with vicious breaks that deal 4 damage and are used to hunting the Hidarit Plainsworms and the local ibex.

The Zankani frogfolk claim to have lived in the lush jungles of their native land long before the catfolk arrived and started hunting them. Despite the presense of humans  stabilizing the never ending conflict, the frogfolk still remain wary of their enemies.
Frogfolk Commoners tend to be level 1 (3), but warriors may be up to level 4 (12) and usually wield medium weapons (4 damage). They are noted for being very fast but only when jumping; in combat they can jump up to a short distance as a free action (similar to the Fast Descriptor). 

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