Starfinder Archive

As I continue to explore Starfinder I realize I'm going to need an archive here it is!

The Karthan Empire and Conarium Expanse Setting:

The Tomb Ships of the Stygian Expanse
The source of malevolent, haunted ships in the Karthan Empire and beyond

The Conarium Expanse
The first article introducing the vast Karthan Empire and it's Outer Rim territories

The Rise and Fall of the Aeon Empire
Exploring a dangerous region along the spinward rim of the Conarium Expanse and the Necrospace sectors.

Newer Starfinder Articles (Post Karthan Empire):

Thri-Kreen in Starfinder
Not as a playable race, but there are enough four armed monsters in Starfinder it feels only natural to include the thri-kreen.

Delevan Trask, Level 10 Soldier vs. CR 9 Xenovore
An experiment in seeing what what a higher level PC vs. a higher level new monster looks like

Other Starfinder Articles ("Before the Karthan Empire Campaign took hold"):

The Riven Gambit Scenario
A Starfinder scenario using "campaign idea I" but adaptable to anything

Starfinder Science Fantasy Madness
An overview of the game and what it means to run science fantasy settings

Starfinder Mechanics
How Starfinder diverges from Pathfinder

Starfinder After Action Report I
My first foray into trying the system out

Ramping up the SF Element
Ideas on adding more SF and less fantasy

Campaign Ideas Part I
Wherein I think of an initial idea for Starfinder as "Spelljammer, 1,000 years in the future" -- spoiler alert, I decided not go go with this after the first test game

Campaign Ideas Part II - the Mayall's Galaxies Campaign
I decided that I liked this idea better with Savage Worlds, but here's the rough sketch for Starfinder

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