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Adapting Tom Clancy's The Division to Savage Worlds (Part I)
On playing Division Agents in Savage Worlds!

My House Rules for Savage Worlds

Vishkanya Poison Maidens
As a foe, a PC option and also the Arcane Path of Poison Mastery

Savage Space Index

I have compiled all of the 28 Days in Savage Space articles in one PDF, but 4Shared died or got disgruntled and the doc is no longer available. In the meantime, here are the individual articles:

New Savage Space Articles:

Hard Light Technology of the Eidolons
The bizarre tech of the Eidolons revealed!

Return of Savage Space
A Historical Primer on the setting derived from the prior entries

The Eidolon Expanse
A new world.

Cenotaph the Tomb World
A new world and creature.

Erasmus and the Doom of Dante
Another weird world to explore...

The GURPS Diversion:
GURPS Adapatation of the Kokatik
Cenotaph in GURPS Space
I got as far as those two entries before remembering that GURPS takes a lot of time to stat stuff out for, precious time I no longer have. So we're sticking with Savage Worlds!

The Original 28 Days in Savage Space Articles:

Verrin Cormac (wild card)

The Syndieri Culture Vampires (alien species)

Syndirei Cleaner Agents (wild card foe)

Yanoh Sutah Biomachines (alien foe)

Fadelik (playable alien race)

The ISS Linaeus and Harrison Wildlife Refuge of Procyon IX (plot seed)

Allistair Marceine (wild card foe...or possible patron as he ended up being in my campaign!)

Rigel VI (world location)

Dead Worlds of the Coreward Expanse (location and plot seed)

Mobile Cores (power suits)

The Tetragon Union (location and foes)

Aegis Mobile Cores (power suits for the potential "PC" faction)

Terminus (major foe/plot seed)

Procyon V (world location)

Delta Pavonis System (world location)

Tetragon Assault Troops (foes)

Gamma Polaris (world location and plot seed)

The Cyndaar (major wild card foes)

The Reptillian Chevarais (playable alien race)

The Surivandi and H'Kuut (playable alien races)

Omega (Exotic AI wild card foe)

The Kokatik (alien race)

The Celadon (world location, foe and plot seed)

FTL Travel (technology)

The Fashan (alien foes)

Aegis Division (organization, possible PC patron)

Deaders and Aquarians (playable alien races)

Astrus and the Observer (location and plot seed)

Some pics I liked but never got around to using:

Some hideous predator on Gamma Polaris?

One of the worlds ruined by the Terminus?

This dude is a wild card villain waiting for stats

More of Omega's cyborg zombies?

The Assassin's Creed relationship was too obvious, otherwise this would be a great pic of an Aegis Infiltrator

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