Monday, August 8, 2022

13th Age Escalated Edition is in the Works

 This is brief but exciting news: According to, presumably posting from a Gen Con announcement, 13th Age Escalated will be a new edition of the 13th Age RPG from Pelgrane Press.

I really enjoyed my time with 13th had some specific issues (in fact I posted them on the Enworld site, won't reiterate them here), but the core chassis of the system and its freeform design was pure gold, both fun to play and designed to encourage improv style gaming which is very much in line with how I like to run and play RPGs. It took many of the best elements of 4th edition D&D's design approach that made for fun gaming and gave it a new home with a strong emphasis on smart Theater of the Mind encounter design....also another preferred approach of mine.

Just thinking about it makes me wonder why I get stuck so much running systems like Pathfinder 2E when I could, say, just run 13th Age more. 

The single biggest problem, I feel, is taking the deceptively simple icon mechanics, and retooling them into something that is a smart way of contributing to the dynamic story rather than (as it tended to become over many sessions of play) an unwelcome burden on the GM.

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