Thursday, June 2, 2022

The Mothership Cure-All

 Posting yesterday was mildly cathartic, let me assemble some thoughts I had otherwise not given substance to into a form I could correlate with. One thing that came out of all that, plus following the enjoyable D&D game last night, was that it's best for me to chase the muse, the thing which draws my attention. The D&D game is set in a game world I am enjoying exploring; should just do more of that (but maybe at a slower pace so I have time to catch up with the scenario as the players rip through content). More importantly...there is tonight, and Mothership!

I really have to say, Mothership is deeply cathartic for me as well. Mothership is the dark echo of a corner of the SF genre that has been with me since I first saw Alien in the theaters as a kid. Tonight's game will be a send-off of sorts (part 1 of such) for a player who must depart from our week night games due to scheduling for a while, so I figure we should make this really go out with a bang, Mothership is a perfect vessel for strongly, almost intrinsically encourages the Warden (GM) to dive deep into the most gruesome and dark corners of the horror/SF mashup and it likewise encourages the players to accept their fates and learn to enjoy it. The fact that the game, mechanically, aligns so well with my own sensibilities and expectations in game design is just a huge plus.

Anyway, after this grand finale story arc for one PC is over I'll post the grim details and scenarios. It's gonna be a horrific's an image or two that I will be using in tonight's game for certain NPC illustrations, nothing "given away" I hope....if any of the players in tonight's game read this, scrub your brains of the memory!

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