Wednesday, June 9, 2021

OpenQuest 3 Kickstarter POD in the wild

 Been super busy with work lately but just had to post that I got my at-cost coupon for OpenQuest 3 today from the Kickstarter and I have ordered two copies. Very excited to see this much as I am impressed with the art and design of the new Runequest, I am just not a fan of the specifics of Glorantha and prefer RPGs that let me do my own thing, so OpenQuest 3 will very much allow for that. The PDF shows off a nice design strength, a good classic art aesthetic and a clean layout to the rules. 

Once I have the physical copies I will discuss in more depth!


  1. Got mine today too. I have preferred the BRP Gold Book, OQ, & Magic World for my D100 ideas but Mythras has really caught my attention and they have a supers setting coming out in the Fall.

    1. I really like Mythras although every time I run it the group gets hit with two issues: rules confusion (more players familiar with the BRP/CoC method of rolls than the Mythras method), and combat paralysis when specials pop. I have committed that the next time I run Mythras I will give them a "starter list" of basic maneuvers and then maybe some house rules on declared actions (I'm sort of in the camp of thought that it makes more sense to declare an action then pass/fail over roll a # then if lucky decide action).

      I am definitely looking forward to the Supers setting, and really keen to see what their Mythic Babylon looks like.

      I still think fondly on Magic World and wish it didn't get the short end of the stick....and BRP is still my "desert island" book for if I can only take one rule system with me....