Monday, August 17, 2020

Monsters! Monsters! is Here!

The recently kickstarted Monsters! Monsters! RPG in a brand new edition is out, and my copy just arrived. Loaded with cool stuff....figure flats, The Toughest Dungeon in the World and a GM Screen, this is a really sweet package. Best of all is Ken St. Andre's signature, who remains one of the best things to happen to gaming, period. Without Ken much of my gaming life would have been a very different and likely less interesting story.

Cool things about the new edition of M!M! RPG: it's not a huge book; the multi-hundred page Deluxe T&T was awesome, but for many fans of T&T we tend to think of the smaller editions such as 5th as the "definitive ideal size." M!M! RPG sticks to that approach, and covers the length and breadth of the rules in about 30 pages of the 64 page book, with the rest encompassing a solid module for the monsters to explore (rampage) in. 

The book looks like it would serve admirably as a complimentary expansion to Deluxe T&T as well, with plenty of details on rolling up monster PCs that you can use with regular T&T. Likewise, while the core M!M! is based on the abbreviated T&T rules, Deluxe could give you lots of extra optional content to expand on.

I'd also like to mention the amazing art and layout...Steve Crompton is the best there is at what he does, and that is making high quality, amazing old school gaming products. I wish other OSR publishers out there would take note of Steve's approach, he's got this down perfectly.

The Toughest Dungeon in the World looks cool, will have to sit down and play it (unless my kid takes it from me first, which he might). The figure flats look awesome, and should I ever get an opportunity to play at an actual game table again I shall definitely use them. 

Anyway....if you backed it, keep an eye out! If you didn't, but you love all things T&T and Flying Buffalo (and  Trollhalla Press!), you should try to get your hands on a copy for sure.

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