Monday, August 19, 2019

Eberron Returns!

I'm excited for this announcement...details here.

Check this alternate cover out:

The thing about Eberron is: it's the best "modern" iteration of a D&D setting that WotC has tackled, and offers enough of the "different" from Forgotten Realms to stand out. With any luck, this portends more cool sourcebooks bringing back other key setting in the future, or alternatively it sells well enough we see some Eberron-focused adventure books in the future.

Either way....this is good! It's the first D&D book to tear me away from my Pathfinder 2nd edition obsession that has gripped me this August.


  1. I've been 'Eberron curious' for a long while without actually engaging...
    The alt-cover art is soooooooooooooo much more interesting and desirable than the other I've seen shown.

    1. Yeah the main cover is so "meh" it's causing quite a stir. I have been buying only alt covers for D&D books whenever they are offered, though, so this cover works for me.