Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's a boy!

This, by the way, was probably the only cute (and least disturbing) photo I could find when I did a random google search for "alien baby!" Do an image search...I dare you....!

Infesting alien babies aside, some actual pictures of little Marcus Torbin right here, at 19 weeks:

Healthy Heart

Healthy Spine

Curled up.

He had his hands up over his head in most of the pics (according to the doctor...it all looked like Rorschach ink blots to me!)

I guess if the first trimester pictures started with the "tadpole" phase and then moved to the "Cthulhu squid" look, and the last round had a more or less tiny but identifiably mammalian look, then at this stage the pics definitely remind me a bit of H.R. Giger!!!

Actually, I think that before this process is over, I'm going to have an entirely new perspective (and respect) for Giger's art and the underlying themes (at least for some of his work...)

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