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How did I not have one of these up yet?

And the winner remains: Traveller
Expositition on my current Traveller campaign and why this RPG is so accessible

Traveller 2nd Edition Review
Two thumbs up!

Alien: Covenant and Traveller
Adapting the Alien Universe to Traveller

Ad Astra Campaign:

Ad Astra: A Traveller Campaign
One of my oldest SF setting dolled up for Traveller

Ad Astra: Regions and Species
More info on the Ad Astra campaign

Ad Astra: Introduction
Quick overview of Ad Astra

Ad Astra: Dragoons, Simulants and Loadouts
The hardcore biomechanoids and cyborgs of Ad Astra

Sector Authority Campaign Articles:

An Introduction to the Sirianthus Sector
Home Sector for Sector Authority!

Sirianthus Sector I: Homeworld of the Erikathi
Details on the Sirianthus Sector, part of my Authority Sector campaign

Sirianthus Sector II: Utopia Incognita and others
More key worlds in this sector, including the capitol

Deep Space Campaign:

Deep Space Subsector 2
Loads of details on this vaguely horror-themed sector

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